Top Things To Do When Travelling To Cambodia (Part 2)

Cambodia Elephant Ride

Tourists can experience a vast amount of activity in Cambodia. This article suggests top things to do when travelling to Cambodia.

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Fire a rocket-launcher
Not your standard tourist activity, but then Cambodia’s not your standard tourist destination – for a price, visitors can take control of high-grade weaponry on countryside shooting ranges. Machine guns can also be hired.

The southern town provides a gateway to exploring the Cham villages and sweeping vistas of the surrounding countryside. If you’re looking to travel in an unrushed fashion and to get acquainted with another side of the country, this is as good a base as any.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Sanctuary
A large park south of Phnom Penh given over to animals retrieved from poachers and traffickers. Wildlife in the sanctuary includes tigers, elephants and gibbons, and it offers an effective way of learning more about Cambodian fauna.

Revisit history

Killing Fields

To get a clearer understanding of the brutal reign of Pol Pot, visit the Killing Fields outside Phnom Penh. It makes for a sobering experience, but a salutary one in terms of learning more about the realities the country faced.

Shop for silver
Prized locally since the 11th century, silver is today one of the most sought-after Cambodian souvenirs. Coming in the form of anklets, jewellery and other decorative items, it’s known for being fashioned with real care and artistry.

The port city’s main draw is its relaxed beach atmosphere, a laid-back counterpoint to the more visited coastal areas of neighbouring Thailand. It takes its name from King Norodom Sihanouk, one of the main agitators for independence from France.

Ta Prohm
Perhaps the second most famous Angkor Temple after Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm is best known for the roots and branches that have taken hold of its walls to picturesque effect. The temple featured as a location in the film Tomb Raider.

Take a cruise
Travelling from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by boat is the most scenic way of reaching the Angkor Temples from the capital, giving visitors a chance to take in the scenery and culture of Cambodia’s life-giving waterways.

Take an elephant ride
Another option readily available at the Angkor Temples, do as Khmer royalty did centuries earlier by straddling an elephant for a memorable sunset journey. The activity is also offered in Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri.

Tuol Sleng
Set in the former high school that would later become the notorious S-21 detention centre, Tuol Sleng today acts as a museum of tribute to the genocide of the chilling Khmer Rouge era. Torture instruments remain in some rooms. This is an emotive experience.

Watch traditional dance

Cambodian traditional dance

Classical Khmer dance displays have become popular inclusions on tourist itineraries, complete with ornate costumes and accompanying musicians. Many of these performances take place in the international hotels around Siem Reap, but villages may have their own spontaneous versions on special days. Water FestivalTaking place in October or November – when the flow of the Tonle Sap River changes direction – the Water Festival is a chance to watch races between hundreds of rainbow-coloured boats, as well as to engage in three days of merry-making.

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