10 Best Tips To Travel In Cambodia (Part 2)

10 best tips to travel in Cambodia

This article shows you 10 best tips to travel in Cambodia. Wish you have an awesome trip there.

6. Understand the past

Cambodia has a violent past, and it’s still fresh in the country’s memory. While you’re in Phnom Penh, visit the Killing Fields and the Genocide Museum, but be prepared – you will leave feeling very depressed. The Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot enforced a regime so violent and insane that it practically reduced the country to the Stone Age – he destroyed education, books, commerce, money, trade, learning of all kinds, entertainment, even clothing (everyone had to wear identical black pyjamas). Understanding Cambodia’s past will help to make sense of the present.

7. Go to the beach
For the lighter, prettier, more fun side of Cambodia, head to Sihanoukville for some laidback fun in the sun – loads of bars, restaurants, beach barbecues and snorkeling trips make this the beach resort of choice for Cambodians and tourists alike.

8. Haggle hard
Especially with tuk tuk drivers – the price they give you at first is by no means the price they are willing to go for. Ask at your guest house or hotel beforehand so you have an idea how much a trip should cost or if in doubt, start at half the amount they first give you and
work up from there.

Explore Cambodia by tuk tuk

9. Have a foot massage
A whole HOUR of reflexology foot massage (with a little shoulder massage thrown in at the end) for a mere $5 (US). You’ll feel like you were given a brand new pair of feet. Heavenly!

10. Be an adventurous eater
Many Cambodian restaurants will offer Western dishes as part of their menu, but these are guaranteed to be boring and poor imitations of what you’d get at home. Be adventurous in your eating and you’ll be rewarded with Khmer dishes with delicious notes of pepper and lime, unusual fresh flavours and zesty sauces. Yum.

Red tree ants with beef and holy basil


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