Travel guides in Koh Rong Island, Cambodia


If Koh Rong Samloem is known as the romantic destination for couples, Koh Rong is an ideal spot for those who love wonderful beaches and overnight parties. It is one of the few islands in Cambodia that still retain the pristine beauty and stunning beaches. These following tips will help you have a fun and enjoyable trip in this island.

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Best time to visit

From November to April is peak season in Koh Rong when the weather is less rainy. If you love lively and bustling atmosphere, you can go to Koh Rong in this season. From May to October is low season, it sometimes is stormy or rainy all day so you should check the weather carefully before deciding to go. Traveling in the low season, the services’ price is always cheaper; the island is not too crowded with visitors so you can feel more comfortable than in the peak season.

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Hostel and dormitory: suitable for those who travel alone wanting to make friends with many backpackers around the world or groups of people traveling on a budget. Dorm rooms in Koh Rong only cost about 3USD/night.

Bungalows and hotels: If you go with friends or family, you should stay in bungalow. However, most of hotels in the island don’t have air conditioning. Smile Bungalow offers cheapest room from 20-25 USD/room with 2 beds for 4 people; its services are quite good but bungalows don’t feature sea view. Happy Bungalow located next to Smile Bungalow costs 30-35 USD/room also for 4 people but it offers wonderful sea view.

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Things to do

Boat trip and Plankton: These tours depart from 2pm to 7pm daily, costing only 8-12 USD depending on where you book this tour. Taking this tour, you will be enjoyed exciting activities such as swimming, snorkeling, fishing, watching the sunset, BBQ, and at night, they will take you to see the plankton.

There are many travel agencies offering boat trip tours but you should choose boat trip of Coco Bungalow. Although the price is a little bit higher than the others but the services and snorkeling equipment is also better.

Kayaking: Price for renting boat in half day is $8 and all day is $12. You can go rowing to a small island nearby, taking about 45 minutes. This island has a temple on the top and is also the best place for snorkeling.

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Tour to Koh Rong Samloem: Koh Rong Samloem is only 4km from Koh Rong by sea, taking about 1 hour getting there by boat. You can reach the beautiful island by speed boat or taxi boat and then can stay overnight in Koh Rong Samloem or get back Koh Rong.

Zip-line at High Rope Park: Zip-line is not as scary as you think. You can buy the ticket at the bars or in Sihanoukville with the price of $25 in the low season and $35 in the peak season. It is really an exciting experience you should not miss while traveling on the island.

Pub crawl: is a party of a group of people, drinking beer at many bars in one night which is held once a week. The fee is $5, you can drink free beer at all the bars. This is also a good opportunity to make friends and chat with many travelers around the world.

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Camping at Long Beach: Long Beach is one of the beautiful beaches on Koh Rong Island with a 7km coastline, blue water, white sand and very quiet. To get there, you can walk or take a boat. There is no water or restaurant in here so remember to bring food and drinks.

Police Beach Party: About 10-minute walking from the village towards High Point, you will reach Police Beach. This party is held by a group of people to sing at sunset on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. If you love music, it is also the opportunity to meet friends around the world.

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