Tips for traveling Cambodia in peak season


High services price, crowded tourist destinations, running out of hotel’s rooms are the common troubles that travelers can get when visiting anywhere in the peak season and Cambodia either. So if you want to and only go to Cambodia in the peak season, let’s refer some our guides below in order to have a safe and memorable trip.

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Weather in Cambodia

The best time as well as the peak season to visit Cambodia is from November to April (via Koh Rong)

Featuring the characteristics of tropical monsoon climate, Cambodia’ weather is divided into two distinct seasons: dry season (from April to November) and rainy season (from May to November). Especially, in July and August is the period that the great floods often occurred so you should not travel to Cambodia at this time.

Actually, visitors can travel to this country at any time because of the hot and humid climate throughout the year with the average temperature is 21 – 35 degree. However, the best time as well as the peak season to visit Cambodia is from November to April when many festivals and exciting events took place, the most famous of which must be mentioned is Water Festival – traditional New Year Festival of Khmer people. Participating in the festival, visitors will have the chance to learn more about interesting customs and spiritual life of local people in here.

Booking hotels and other services in advance

You should book services in advance to get the cheapest price (via Agoda)

If you have plan to travel to Cambodia, you should book services in advance to get the cheapest price such as car tickets, air ticket, hotels,… This is the first and most important thing you must remember to have the most comfortable and relaxed trip in the high season. The advantage of booking services in advance is that you will avoid unexpected situations like running out of accommodations, too expensive service’s price,… so you can save a lot of money. If you do not how to book these services in advance, please contact with the tour operators for advices and reservations.

Booking via trusted companies

If it is the first time you visit the country and you do not get well about this country, you should book a tour via a trusted company which offers a lot of options with many unforgettable experiences. On the peak season, most of travel agents will offer tour packages with promotions and discounts so please check carefully to get the most suitable tour for your holiday.

Booking tours and services via trusted companies (via SinhCafe Travel)

Carrying luggage with necessary items

If you carry too big luggage, you will get some troubles and very difficult to move so you should bring reasonable luggage in order to easy to move and feel more comfortable when traveling but still full of necessary items. The peak season often is on the dry season with hot weather, therefore, you need to bring sunscreen clothes and cream. If you travel by airplane, do not carry too large and heavy luggage to avoid paying more fee.

Arranging time and places to eat

Do not miss the chance to try delicious Cambodian dishes (via Cambodia Travel)

If you can arrange time and places to eat in reasonable way, you will not have to wait a long time and avoid the crowded restaurants. You can go to eat sooner or later than usual because at the lunch or dinner time, especially in the high season, most of restaurants are very crowded. Do not miss the chance to try delicious Cambodian dishes.

Finding information about the tourist destinations you will go

Searching information, reviews, tips and guides in advance about attractions is very easy now because you can access the internet 24/24 or you can also ask your friends, relatives who have traveled Cambodia to have the most interesting trip as you expected.

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