Should you self-sufficient travel or take a tour in Cambodia?


Booking a tour and self-sufficient travel are two of the most popular forms of travel. While self-sufficient travel helps you to easily control your time, taking tour will be more comfortable and convenient. So should you go on tour or self-sufficient in Cambodia? It depends a lot on your purpose and your interest but each form has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Self-sufficient travel is often suitable for young travelers who love adventure; even some backpackers feel very exciting when they are lost because this is also the chance to discover a lot of new things on the way. However, for the older people or those going with family especially children, you should experience Cambodia by a package tour. When booking a tour, all things are prepared by travel companies so you do not need to worry too much.

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Customs procedures

If you do not know well the customs procedures, immigration procedures are quite difficult. However, if you choose to travel by tour, tour guide will help you deal with all the procedures.


For those who have had a lot of travel experiences and have visited Cambodia, they can “carry the backpack then go”. Meanwhile, for those who are the first-timers, they should travel Cambodia by tour because you do not need to think about the itinerary, where to go, where to stay, best place to shop,… the travel companies will arrange the most suitable itinerary so that you can visit many places as possible.

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Besides Khmer language, Cambodians can speak in English so if you can communicate in English fluently, you can go backpack to Cambodia, ask local people for any problem you can get. Going on tour, there will be a tour guide available during the trip so visitors do not need to worry about the language. Moreover, the tour guides also will introduce to you the history, highlight of the attractions you visit such as Angkor Wat. Angkor Thom or Royal Palace,… in your language.

Purpose of the trip

The purpose of the trip is also the important factor deciding you should go on tour or self-sufficient. The package tours can meet the need of many visitors, including visiting famous sites, shopping, enjoying specialties,… while self-sufficient travel helps you discover more interesting things about local culture, not simple visiting or shopping.

The purpose of the trip is also the important factor deciding you should go on tour or self-sufficient (via Intrepid Travel)

Places to visit

The travel agencies often only offer Cambodia tours to the famous destinations such as Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bokor, Sihanoukville and Koh Rong Samloem. These are all the well-known tourist spots in Cambodia so the number of travelers coming here is very high so sometimes you will find a little bit difficult to stay in a quiet and peaceful place. If you go backpack, you can visit many other cities in Cambodia such as Kampot, Kep or Battambang,… that will be more convenient and exciting.

Travel insurance

All the Cambodia tours even cheap tours include travel insurance for tourists but for self-sufficient travel, it is not pay much attention, some people even ignore, do not buy the travel insurance.

All the Cambodia tours even cheap tours include travel insurance for tourists (via Intrepid Travel)


Many people say that travel by tour will always cost more than self-sufficient. It sometimes is right because travel on tour, you are often stayed in a good hotels, better meals and services while going backpack, you can stay at a cheap hostel or even homestay. However, for those have not many travel experiences, additional cost can be more than the price of tour.

Hope that with these tips, you can decide whether you should self-sufficient travel or book a tour. Regardless of the travel form, Cambodia will bring you many interesting things to explore and experience.

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