How to get around Phnom Penh?

How to get around Phnom Penh?
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Phnom Penh is the capital as well as the largest city of Cambodia. The city was considered as “the jewel of Asia" in the early 20th century. Phnom Penh is not only the economic, political and cultural center of Cambodia but also a famous tourist city with many historical and architectural sites.

You are going to travel Phnom Penh and don’t know how to get around this city, this article will help you to find out the most suitable mean of transportation during your trip. There are many means of transportation for tourists while traveling to Cambodia, from rudimentary to modern vehicles.

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Tuk tuk

Tuk tuk in Phnom Penh (via Yet Another Visa Run)

Tuk Tuk is a three-wheeled vehicle having cabin to carry passengers or goods. Tuk tuk is a popular mean of transportation in many Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, India,... It looks like a motor taxi which can easily pass through small roads or traffic jams, therefore, tuk tuk will be a great choice if you want to travel in short distance or in the city.

Discovering Phnom Penh by tuk tuk will definitely bring you many interesting experiences. Tuk Tuk are often used to serve tourists, so although you are Phnom Penh first timer, it is not too hard to hire a tuk tuk. However, you should bargain before deciding to rent a tuk tuk (about 12 – 15 USD for a day). Most of tuk tuk drivers are friendly and can speak English. In addition, there is also tuk tuk rental service for those who want to drive by themselves.


Taxi (via how to go to cambodia)

Taxis are often available in the Sisowath Quay area. Taxis are not a popular mean of transportation in Phnom Penh. There are not many taxis in this city because most of tourists getting around Phnom Penh by tuk tuk.

Taxis in Phnom Penh can be devided into two types: one having the taxi meter and the other not having the taxi meter. If you catch a taxi which has not the taxi meter, don’t forget to negotiate first, otherwise, you can ask your hotel’s receptionist to help.


Although bus system has just put into operation, it is the most convenient way to get around Phnom Penh. Most of bus routes running from town to city are available. Some buses also have toilets and air conditioning. Bus companies are popular in Cambodia such as Phnom Penh Sorya transportation, Capital Open Tours and Giant Ibis.


Motorbike (via Cookiesound)

If you like to discover everything by yourself, renting a motorbike is a good ideal. Hiring a motorbike in one day costs about 9 USD, however, traffic in Phnom Penh is quite dangerous, you should think carefully before renting a motorbike to avoid unexpected problems. One more thing, in order to self-drive in Phnom Penh or Cambodia, you need to have driving license which is accepted in Cambodia.


Motodop refers to type of motorbike taxi in Cambodia which is one of the most popular means of transportation in this country. If you travel alone, the motodop is the best choice. Before picking a motorbike taxi, besides bargaining the price, you also should ask the driver to give you a helmet. Unlike another country, a motorbike in Phnom Penh can carry more than one person.

Motodop (via


Getting around by ferry, guests will have an interesting trip on rivers when traveling to Cambodia. In addition, you also can reach Siem Reap by Phnom Penh’s ferry which departures at 7:30 every day. Tourists can buy tickets at agents or hotels. Ticket price is around 25-35 USD. Upon arrival at Chong Khneas ferry terminal in Siem Reap, there are many taxis and tuk tuk available that ready to serve you.


This is the easiest, cheapest and of course most tired way to travel. In the morning, you can explore, visit the famous tourist spots in Phnom Penh by taking a walking tour: Royal Palace of Cambodia - Silver Pagoda, National Museum, Wat Phnom, ...

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