How to book the best and cheapest Cambodia tours?


With guided tours, visitors not only do not have to worry about itinerary, food, accommodation,… but also have the chance to make friend with many travelers and may save money than traveling independently. You are planning to travel Cambodia and looking a suitable Cambodia tour, these tips can be useful for you.

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Picking the trusted travel agencies

Besides the price, visitors also need to pay attention to the reputation and reliability of these tour operators. Reading the agency’ information on the internet, reviews from relatives, friends or people who have used the service of this company will be a great way for you to help you decide whether you can trust the agent or not. Some online tour operators offering Cambodia tours that can be trusted such as Viettravel, Trippy,, etc.

Picking trusted travel agencies (via Joe Ogden | Cambodia)

Hunting the cheap tours

In each travel season, the travel agencies can offer big promotions like discount tours or last minute tours,… In order to book these cheap tours, you should regularly update the information about promotions at the official website of the company which you are interested in or register your email address to receive monthly promotions.

Compare with travel agencies

The travel agencies can offer many Cambodia tours with different prices making you confuse. Therefore, when booking a tour, it is necessary to compare the price between travel agents to get the cheapest tour.

Once you have chosen travel agent and suitable tour, you should make a phone call or go directly to the company headquarter for more information about the condition attached to this tour such as inclusions, exclusions, airline ticket, and so on.

When booking a tour, it is necessary to compare the price between travel agents to get the cheapest tour (via Cambodia Tours)

Booking tour early

Most of travel companies offer more incentives for customers who booked tours early. In addition to discounts, visitors also can be received many attractive gifts, especially in the peak season, to get best tour and incentives, booking tour early play a very important role.

Knowing about your itinerary

Like learning about price, suitable itinerary is one of the factors you should notice when booking a tour. Before booking the tour, it is necessary to look at the itinerary that is suitable with your purpose and requirements or not. Knowing well about the places you are going to go can help you have the better journey.

Know well about your itinerary (via Cambodia Tours)

Picking tour that suitable for your hobbies and age

For a perfect and fun trip, you need to consider the purpose of the trip, whether this tour can meet your needs or not in order to choose the right tours. Don’t hesitate to ask travel company about age, gender,… of whom can go with you during your trip.

Making friend with tour guides

Tour guides are person who have a lot experiences about people, local etiquettes, specialties and  many useful tips of destinations you will go. Therefore, getting to know the tour guides, they will be ready and happy you to help you and show you the best place to eat, what to buy, things you should not do, etc.

Avoid getting lost

Avoid getting lost (via Intrepid Travel)

Most of tours offer free time for tourists, at least half day, to visit or shopping so to avoid getting lost, you should take the phone number of the tour guides or keep some cards visit of the hotel that you are staying.

Paying attention to time

During the tour, it is very important to go on time because you are traveling with a large group of people. If you are late, do not catch up on the train or the plane, you have to take full responsibility. It is very impolite if many people have to wait for you or even worse, they would not wait for you and you will have to deal with transportation yourself.

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