Guides for having perfect trip on Koh Tonsay Island in Cambodia


Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island is really an uninhabited island in Cambodia because there is no wifi, no traffic, no electricity at night and mostly shared facilities. However, this is also the reason why the island is considered a perfect place to unwind and find inner peace of many visitors. If you are planning to visit this beautiful island, the following guides may be very useful for you.

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Koh Tonsay Island

Koh Tonsay or Rabbit Island is really an uninhabited island in Cambodia (via Justgola)

The Rabbit Island is located in Kep coastal city; it takes about 20 minutes to reach the island by boat from Kep. With white sand, clear blue water, shallow sea floor, the beach in here is very safe and ideal for swimming. Marine ecosystems are also diverse with many beautiful coral species and rich marine life. Now the island is focusing on developing tourism so there are more and more travelers around the world want to visit the Koh Tonsay Island each year.

With a total area of 2km2 shaped like a rabbit, the peaceful island is known as a pearl of Cambodia. There are only a few guesthouses and restaurants made of wood in the island scattered on the main beach so if you want, you also can stay overnight on the island.

Travel services on the island

Bungalows on the island (via Time Travel Turtle)

Accommodation: Tourists can choose to explore the island only during the day or stay overnight to experience new things, new activities. There are about 20 bungalows made of wood and coconut leaves, overlooking the sea, equipped private toilet and fresh water to meet the need of travelers. The price for a bungalow is also very cheap, only about 5 – 10USD/room/night.

Restaurants: some restaurants were built on the island specializing in serving fresh seafood and local dishes with affordable price.

What to do

Coming to Koh Tonsay, you will be immersed yourself in a very tranquility and quiet space, no noise of traffic, no modern facilities, throw away all worry, anxiety of busy life, just lazy lie on the beach, read book, try massage service or mountain climbing.

There are a lot of exciting things to do on the island (via EyeEm)
  • The beach in the Rabbit Island is famous for its clear blue water, fine white sand, gentle sloping that very suitable for swimming and beach sports such as fishing scuba diving, volleyball,… In the afternoon, tourists can try the massage right on the beach and see the amazing sunset. In addition to the pristine beauty of the sea, visitors can take a trip to discover the jungle, ecosystem and learn about wildlife.
  • Take pictures to keep the memorable moments on the stunning island.
  • Enjoy seafood at local houses or in restaurants.
  • Take a walk on the island to discover the island’s beauty.
  • Take tour to visit surrounding islands with a very cheap price, about 7USD per person, including a seafood meal.

How to get there

Rabbit Island (via Time Travel Turtle)

From Phnom Penh, visitors can go to Kep city by bus or taxi:

  • Bus: Catch bus number 168 of Sorya Bus Company at the central station or on Highway 2. It costs 4$/person/way and takes 4 – 5 hours to get Kep city.
  • Taxi: If you go in group of 4 – 5 people and want to go by taxi, let’s go to Phsar Dumkor. Price ranges from 26 – 32$ per trip.

After coming Kep city, visitors go to Kep harbor to rent boat to Koh Tonsay Island. The price is about 8 – 10USD for a trip. If you do not want to stay overnight on the island, you can negotiate with the ship owners to buy round trip ticket. They also offer Koh Tonsay 1 day tour, costing about 25$/person, meal is included.

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