Discover the peaceful beauty of Kampot Town


It is the fact that you may not be impressed with Kampot town at the first sight. Located in southern Cambodia, this is a quiet little town with the big streets and ruined buildings. However, once you travel to the town, you even will not want to leave because of its charming and unique beauty which totally different with the famous temple complex in Siem Reap or the beautiful beaches of Sihanoukville.

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Slow pace of life

The tranquility and quiet are the charm of this town. The streets are not too crowded so you can easily discover the town by bike, motorbike or even by foot. The pace of life in here is very slow and not busy; you are able to lie in a lazy hammock or swim in the river located right in the city.

The peaceful town of Kampot (via Never Ending Voyage)

Architecture and landscape

The architecture in the Kampot town is famous with abandoned and ruined buildings which are not very beautiful but bring tourist a unique impression. The shops, designed in harmony between French colonial style and China, are painted in pale yellow and decorated with blue or green windows. Kampot is not a pristine town but it always brings visitors a comfortable feeling.

The river at the foot of Elephant Mountains is one of attractive destinations of Kampot. The riverside walk attracts many travelers coming to enjoy cocktail and see the sunset. Many of them also choose to stay right in the riverside guesthouses, about few kilometers far away town center.

Abandoned buildings in Kampot (via Wikipedia)

Yoga classes

One of the most exciting activities in the Kampot trip is cycling along the river to reach yoga classes at Banteay Srei, a women’s spa. This is a training center, helping poor local women. The upper floor of the wooden house with open space overlooking the garden and river is the perfect place for yoga.

The price for a yoga session is quite reasonable, only $5. Classes often start at 11am and 5pm daily. The spa brings a special relaxing feeling and the gym space is a great place to enjoy a massage or therapeutic session, then you can have lunch at the vegetarian café and watch the river.

Yoga Class at Banteay Srei (via Never Ending Voyage)

Stunning places to see

There are not too many things to do in the town center but tourists can explore the peaceful surrounding countryside. Just take a few minutes to reach the area by tuk tuk or motorbike, you will be immersed yourself in a tranquil space with bamboo huts, wooden houses, paddy fields and palm trees,…

Kampot is also famous with salt and pepper. Salt fields is located just outside the town and become extremely beautiful in the sunrise. A little further towards Kep town are the pepper plantations where produce the finest pepper in the world. From Kep, you also can rent a boat to visit Rabbit Island and soak in the warm water, lie on the hammock or enjoy beer and fresh coconut water on the beach.

Kampot pepper farm (via Trover)

Dinning sites

Kampot is easy place to live. Actually, there are quite a lot of foreigners living here, mostly working for non-governmental organizations in Cambodia so you can easily find restaurants serving delicious food and coffee in here, from pizza, burgers to French bread, sugarcane juice, potato cakes, etc. Some suggested addresses you can go for dining:

  • Epic Arts Café: established by community arts organization to offer job for deaf and disabled people. The restaurant serves the Western dishes such as sweet cakes, sandwiches, feta cake,…
  • Mea Culpa: serves greatest pizzas baked in the wood oven, eaten with salad and garlic bread.
Epic Arts Cafe (via My Five Acres)

  • Divino: a new restaurant of Itay people. The bruschetta, pesto tagliatelle and pizza all are very tasty.
  • Rikitikitavi: the best place to have cocktail while watching the stunning sunset on the river. The food is more expensive than others but quite delicious with some vegetarian dishes such as red curry, vegetarian burritos and crepes eaten with pepper sauce.
  • Sister II Bakery: where you can savor chocolate cake, pumpkin pancake and other kinds of cake.

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