Amazing experiences visitors should try in Siem Reap

Amazing experiences visitors should try in Siem Reap
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Located in northwestern Cambodia, Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination due to the well-known Angkor temple complex. Besides Angkor, Siem Reap also offers many amazing things to do for visitors to explore. Let’s find out with us!

>>10 experiences you should try in Cambodia

Watch the sunrise in Angkor by air balloon

If you want to admire the panoramic view of Siem Reap at sunrise or sunset, taking an air balloon tour is the best choice. You will have an opportunity to see nice view above the Angkor and feel the peace of the city in the early morning and enjoy fresh air. Don’t forget to take some photos.

Watch the sunrise in Angkor by air balloon (via eOasia)

Take Angkor Wat tour

Travel to Siem Reap, you definitely cannot miss to visit Angkor Wat – a symbol of this country. This is the best preserved temple in the area and plays an important role in religion.

Angkor Wat is one of the most important relics of Siem Reap and a symbol of the art and architecture of the Khmer. Angkor Wat means "temple town" or "the city of the temples"; come here, you will be able to admire the magnificent temples, sculptures carved sophisticated and lively.

Travel by tuk tuk

Tuk tuk is a very popular public transportation in Siem Reap. You can take a tuk tuk to wander around the streets or move to sightseeing spots. Especially, tuk tuk’s drivers can become your “tour guide”, they always ready to provide you information about history, culture and customs in this beautiful land.

Tuk tuk is a very popular public transportation in Siem Reap (via G'Day Korea - blogger)

Shopping at night markets

Angkor Night Market is an ideal place for those who want to learn about the culture and cuisine of Cambodia. There are a lot of items sold in here, from food, drinks to souvenirs, jewelry, etc. The market is opened from 4pm to midnight.

Learn how to make pottery

Visit Siem Reap, you can try making pottery at Khmer Ceramic Arts Center. Most of products in here are hand-made items so you can take a short course in one session to learn how Cambodian making pottery. You also can buy many ceramic products as gifts for friends or family.

Visit Siem Reap, you can try making pottery at Khmer Ceramic Arts Center (via Cambodia Tour)

Have fun at Pub Street

Pub Street is an attractive destination in Siem Reap especially at night with a lot of restaurants, bars and eateries. Most of them are open all day but the most bustling from 5pm to 12pm, even overnight.

Fish massage

Traveling to Siem Reap, you can also experience the exciting activity of foot massage by fish, costing about 5 – 10 USD/time.

Visit the floating villages

In addition to the attractions in the inner city, visitors can also travel to the outskirts to visit the two floating villages, Kompong Phluk and Kompong Khleang. You can visit these villages by small boats and talk to locals to know more about the local life in here.

Take a small boat and visit floating villages is one of the best ways to explore local life in Siem Reap (via Siem Reap Angkor Tours & Travels Services | Cambodia Taxi Driver)

See the circus in Phare

In the evening in Siem Reap, you can relax by witching circus peformances at the Circus Circus in Phare - a very famous circus in this city. The performances at Phare are a combination of traditional and modern culture, attracts every visitors.

Enjoy scorpion salad

According to the Cambodians, insect dishes are considered as highly nutritious food. Try out Bugs Cafe which offers insect tapas, scorpion salad and a host of other crunchy critter delights. 

Fun thing to do for everyone: Zipline!

If you are visiting Asia you need to zip line at least once! Flight of the gibbon is the most renowned company for Ziplining with the highest possible safety and the most creative ziplines, suitable for the whole family. While there are many zip line locations, who could pass up ziplining past Angkor Wat?

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