All Kampot travel guides for backpackers

All Kampot travel guides for backpackers
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Compared with Siem Reap or Phnom Penh, Kampot is quite strange especially to those who first visiting Cambodia. Kampot is a very peaceful place a great stopping point if you want to get away from the bustle and hustle of Siem Reap during peak season in Cambodia. Buildings and monuments were built in the French colonial period giving the town a very special and nostalgic atmosphere. In addition, the lively bars, restaurants and vibrant nightlife are also the reasons that make Kampot become one of the ideal tourist destinations in this country.

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Explore Bokor Plateau

Bokor Plateau in Kampot (via Wikiwand)

This is the most interesting and popular activity for tourist when visiting Kampot. Bokor Plateau features not only the majestic French colonial monuments but also an old villa built by King Sihanouk to take a rest. Travelers also can go to the national park to see the rare animals such as tiger, leopard, black bear, snake,… or visit Wat Sampov Pram (or Five boats Temple) where there is a mysterious legend about the love of Prince Preah Thom and Princess Aquarius Nagani. The atmosphere on the Bokor Plateau is extremely fresh and cool that very suitable for relaxation.

Visit pepper farms

Kampot pepper is a famous spice in Cambodia as well as around the world. Its special spicy flavor attracts all the chefs even the finest French chefs. Kampot pepper only grows in hot and humid climate; the harvest season is from February to April. Tourists can visit Kampot pepper farms and buy pepper of local people. It is also an ideal gift to give your loved ones after a trip to Cambodia, especially for those who love cook.

Kampot pepper farm (via Cambodia Tourism)

Visit limestone caves

The limestone caves in Phnom Slap Ta’aun are very accessible, only about 8km away Kampot town. They are a complex of paths, stalactites with strange shapes. Visiting these caves, you have to bring flashlight to see more clearly.

Another cave you can visit is in Phnom Sasear which are more beautiful and also known as the “White elephant cave”. When climbing the cave, you will be enjoyed the stunning scenery of the peaceful countryside, especially on rainy days.

Visit traditional music school

A visit to the traditional music school is also a very interesting thing to do when traveling to Kampot. Tourists will have chance to see traditional instruments and watch Khmer dances.

Traditional music school (via Kampot Traditional Music School)

Kampot transporatation

Getting there: From Sihaniukville, it takes about 2 hours to get Kampot and more than 2 hours if you departure in Phnom Penh. You can get there by bus with very cheap price, just a few dollars. If you go to Cambodia from Vietnam, you can stay one night in Kampot. From Ha Tien border which is near the coast between Vietnam and Cambodia, it takes about 1 hour to reach Kampot.

Getting around: There are many means of transportation in Kampot for your choice:

  • Tuk tuk: this is the most popular and favorite mean of transportation in Kampot and Cambodia.
  • Taxi: Taxis are not popular in Kampot. There are two types of taxis: taxis with the meter and taxis without the meter.
  • Motorbike: this is a very convenient vehicle in Kampot. You don’t need to bring helmet and it can carry up to 3 people.
Tuk tuk in Kampot (via The Roxborogh Report)

Where to stay

Hotels in Kampot are relatively cheap and comfortable, you should stay near the central area, the riverside or eating places. The room rates here are from only 12 - 15USD per night. To help you easier to find an accommodation, here are some suggestions:

Cheap hotels:

  • Marany Guesthouse (Prison Street, Kampot City Center): 2.5-star hotel with the lowest price from 5.85 USD.
  • Captain Chim's Guesthouse (No. 119-121, Old Market Street, Kampot City Center): price from $ 6.5.
  • Raksmey Kampuchea Guesthouse (Kampongbay, Kampot City Center): 2-star, room rates from 7.32 USD.
Natural Bungalows Restaurant and Bar (via Agoda)

Mid-range hotels:

  • Natural Bungalows Restaurant and Bar (60 Meters North of the new bridge, Kampot City Center) is a 3-star hotel and the price from 24.37 USD/day.
  • Two Moons Hotel (Sungkat Kompong Kandal, Sovansakor Village, Kampot City Center): 2-star and room rates from 20.32USD/day.
  • MAKK Hotel (Riverside Road, Kampot City Center): 3-star hotel and the price from 29.37 USD/day.
  • The Columns Hotel (37 Phoum 1 Ouksophear, Kampot City Center): 3-star and room rates from USD 39.02 per day.

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