7 marvelous islands you should not miss in Cambodia


Cambodia is not only famous for stunning Angkor temple complex but also for pristine and amazing islands such as Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Thmei, etc.

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Koh Rong island

Koh Rong island

Koh Rong is one of the most famous and attractive island in Cambodia. After taking speedboat to Koh Rong from coastal city – Sihanoukville, visitors will immediately impressed with wonderful beaches in here – a paradise for those who love swimming and diving. Koh Rong is a island of “eventful parties” so you will definitely have a great vacation in this island. Lovely hotels and resorts at Kong Rong also offer tourists the best place to stay, relax and dining.

Koh Rong Samloem

Along with Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem also is an attractive island of Cambodia with blue sea and white sand. It was voted as the best island for relaxation. Lying on the beach under shade of the trees and enjoying the peace and tranquility will be an unforgettable experience of visitors.

Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Thmei

Located in Ream National Park, Koh Thmei island is home to many animals like monkey, lizard and more than 100 bird and endangered species. It really is an ideal destination for those who love discover nature. Guests come to Koh Thmei can take part in a lot of exciting activities such as biking, bird watching, scuba diving, sunbathing on the pristine beaches or watching dolphins. However, on the Koh Thmei, there is only one resort where you can stay overnight is Koh Thmei Resort which features some eco-friendly wooden houses.

Koh Tang

Koh Tang island

Koh Tang is a small island in Sihanoukville, it takes more than 5 hours to get the island by boat. The island is mostly untouched by its inhabitants so it is very pristine and is the best place for scuba diving. Koh Tang is surrounded by blue sea with colorful coral reefs and hundreds of fish species. There are about 8 diving spots that visitors can visit in the island.

Koh Ta Kiev island

Situated near the mainland than the other, it only takes about an hour to get Koh Ta Kiev island by boat. Coming Koh Ta Kiev, besides visiting the famous Syn Absinthe Distillery, tourists can swim in the blue water or sunbath on the beach. Koh Ta Kiev has a diverse marine ecosystem so it is a favorite diving spot of many travelers.

Song Saa island

Song Saa island

In Khmer, Song Saa means “love” so the island is a perfect destination for couples to enjoy their honeymoon or holiday. The resort at Song Saa island offers you two options: either staying in the waterfront villas or in villa built in forest. All the villas are designed with unique architecture, having a swimming pool and 1 or 2 bedrooms. In addition, a big plus point for the villas in here is that most of rooms have sea view so you can easily enjoy the beauty of this island. The resort also offers you some other services such as spa, sunbathing on the beach, scuba diving, snorkeling or kayaking.

Koh Totang island

Koh Totang is a great place for those who want to totally relax and throw away all the worries about work

Koh Totang is a great place for those who want to totally relax and throw away all the worries about work because there is no internet on the island. There are only 5 bungalows on Koh Totang island where you can stay, Lying on the hammock and enjoy the peaceful scenery is the best and simplest way to relax and forget all the worries about normal life.

Besides swimming or sunbathing, Koh Totang also is the best place for meditation or yoga. All the bungalows in here use solar energy so visitors will not be bothered by the noise of generators.

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