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Places to see, attractions in Cambodia

Discover the peaceful beauty of Kampot Town

It is the fact that you may not be impressed with Kampot town at the first sight. Located in southern Cambodia, this is a quiet little town with the big streets and ruined buildings.

Discover Bokor Hill Station – a “ghost town” in Kampot

Once dubbed the “ghost town” of Cambodia, Bokor Hill gives visitors the impression of a desolate beauty with the old French buildings and the ruins hidden in the fog.

Explore the most marvelous beaches in Sihanoukville – the “Maldives” of Cambodia

Sihanouville is considered as the “Maldives” of Cambodia with exotic beaches, pristine islands and luxury beach resorts. There are a lot of beautiful beaches in Sihanoukville you can visit, each beach has ít own beauty and unique features.

Top 10 must-visit temples in Siem Reap

Cambodia is known as the country of pagoda with more than 90% of its population being Buddhists. Therefore, it would be a great mistake if you travel Cambodia without visiting the famous temples. If you want to discover magnificent pagodas, monuments as well as learn more about Cambodian’s history and architecture, Siem Reap is the best place for you. Here is the top 10 the most well-known temples in Siem Reap you should not miss.

Sihanoukville and what to see

“Coastal city”, “seaport cluster” and “new tourist destination” are the phrases used to describe Sihanoukville - the most famous coastal city of Cambodia. The stunning beaches with white sandy, warm water combined with fresh atmosphere make Sihanoukville becoming an ideal destination for tourist to relax and avoid the heat in the summer.

Must-visit tourist attractions in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is one of the most attractive cities because of many unique architectural works with the combination of French and Khmer architecture. In the 1970s, Phnom Penh was considered as “Paris” of the Eastern. Traveling Phnom Penh, you should not miss to visit these destinations:

7 marvelous islands you should not miss in Cambodia

Cambodia is not only famous for stunning Angkor temple complex but also for pristine and amazing islands such as Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Thmei, etc.

Top 10 most famous temples in Cambodia

Cambodia is famous for a many ancient temples with typical Khmer architecture. Visiting to Cambodia, you must visit top 10 temples below.

Amazing check-in places in Cambodia for summer

Cambodia is one of the most visited destinations in Southeast Asia. Visiting this country, you will have chance to admire the great scenery with ancient temple complex like Angkor Wat or stunning beaches like Sokha, Otres beach, etc that nowhere else can find. If you are planning to travel Cambodia in this summer, here are some suggestions for you.

10 must-visit destinations while travelling Cambodia

Cambodia is an impressive country with many ancient temples, beautiful natural scenery and pristine beaches which you have to take a lot of time to explore. In this article, we will introduce to you top 10 must-visit tourist destinations while travelling Cambodia.