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Cambodian Etiquette

Cambodian Etiquette

Cambodia is a beautiful country steeped in tradition and a rich cultural history. Knowing Cambodian etiquette is very important when travelling through Cambodia. >>Weather in...
cambodian traditional clothing

What Cambodians Dress Up

Most Cambodians dress up casually except when they are attending formal events. It is common to see men and women using Krama, a long,...
Weather in Cambodia

Weather in Cambodia

Cambodia has a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year. There are two seasons in Cambodia: wet season and dry season. >>Introduction To Cambodia >>Religion...

Things can make you surprise when traveling to Cambodia

To help you understand more about culture as well as people in Cambodia, in this post, we will list some things that you may not know about this country.

Religion Of Cambodia

This article provide infomation about religion of Cambodia. Cambodia is predominantly Buddhist with 90% of the population being Theravada Buddhist, 1% Christian and the...

Reasons why Cambodia is totally worth a visit

Those who want to immerse in nature and enjoy the slow pace of life and tranquility, Cambodia is one of the best suggestions. Here are some reasons why Cambodia should be on your bucket list.

Tourism in Cambodia

Tourism in Cambodia is one of the most important sectors in Cambodia's economy. In 2013, tourism arrivals increased by 17.5 percent year on year,...
Phnom Penh

Introduction To Cambodia

The official currency is Riel: Exchange rates fluctuate, 1 U.S. Dollar is currently valued around the 4,000 Riel mark. The Riel currency notes comes...